Terms & Conditions:

Please take the time to read the below terms and conditions.


ISF = I Speak Fluent

Course = Language course given by I Speak Fluent via online or by tutoring.


Course fees must be paid in full and prior to the course starting date. Your enrolment will be confirmed after payment has been received.

Fees are not refundable after the course commences. Once the classes have started, the course is non-transferable (change of course after the commencement date, requires payment of 100% of the new course fee).


By you: For single classes, you must give I Speak Fluent not less than 48 hours’ notice to cancel a scheduled class, otherwise you will forfeit the cost of the class.
For all packaged group classes/packaged private classes, you must give I Speak Fluent not less than 10 days’ notice before the commencement of the first class of your intention to cancel to receive a course refund, otherwise you will forfeit the entire cost of the classes.

By us: In the event of unforeseen circumstances: insufficient enrolments, acts of nature or situations outside of our control, the dates are subject of change. The students will be notified of the alternate course date. Fees may be refund when a course can’t proceed due to insufficient enrolments and the student do not wish to move to the alternate dates.


The trademarks and logos of this website are property of I Speak Fluent. The use of the trademarks or logos are strictly prohibited.


All your personal information you give to I Speak Fluent will be managed in a confidential manner.